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Backside Cafe - Brattleboro, VT Restaurant - Breakfast/Brunch


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Backside Cafe
Upscale cafe

The Midtown Mall Brattleboro VT 05301
Mon-Fri 7am-3pm -- Fri-Sat 5pm-9pm -- Closed Sundays

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Cost - 2 (out of 4)  -- Service - 2 (out of 4)
Ambiance - 2 (out of 4)  -- Expectations - 1 (out of 4)
Overall Rating: 1.75 (out of 4)

Food can be good, wait is rediculous!

Been going there for 20 years now and today was the last straw. Was able to place an order 5 min after getting seated, at 1:05PM. After 20 min I asked the waitress if everything was OK in the kitchen and was told they were busy and the food would be out any minute. 30 min after ordering my party paid for their drinks and left. No one came out at any time to mention they were busy and that the food might be a while and when we paid we got snyde comments and looks from staff. Shouldn't any place be somewhat able to handle a crowd? Especially when they often are full? 30+ minutes to wait for food without any mention of why (unless you ask) is not how you treat customers if you want them to return. In my years there I've seen many people leave as I did, never thought I'd be one of them! Brattleboro deserves better treatment!

Review by - Marlboro man