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Daily Planet - Burlington, VT Restaurant - American


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Hungry Burlington

New Hampshire

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Daily Planet
A eclectic blend of American foods. Pub menu is served late.

15 Center St. Burlington VT 05401

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Cost - 3 (out of 4)  -- Service - 2 (out of 4)
Ambiance - 4 (out of 4)  -- Expectations - 2 (out of 4)
Overall Rating: 2.75 (out of 4)


Very mellow and relaxed setting. A nice place to go after work for a drink to unwind. My wife and I often frequent for drinks/cocktails before going elsewhere for food. We only get entrees if we feel like keeping it simple. The food is hit or miss...It seems to depend on the day. A good consistent go to on the menu is the burger. Service can often be slow.

Review by - wisfdcritic

Cost - 1 (out of 4)  -- Service - 4 (out of 4)
Ambiance - 3 (out of 4)  -- Expectations - 4 (out of 4)
Overall Rating: 2.75 (out of 4)

Definitely Worth a Revisit

Like a lot of diners who once loved going to Daily Planet, I became disappointed a few years ago as the menu was stagnant, the service was horrendous (on two occasions it took more than two hours to get our food and the staff was rude), yet the prices kept going up.  Not a good combination.  However, whomever is running DP now, and I believe they have a new chef and kitchen staff, is doing a fantastic job.  The food is exciting, the staff is professional (and friendly!), and while the prices are not average, if you've stayed away from DP for several years it's time to give it another try.  On two separate occasions within the last three months I've had excellent food, great service, and the ambiance is pleasant.  The bar-side is great for a quick meal and drinks or for waiting for your table.  The atrium is a wonderful place to eat if you're looking for good conversation with your table mates.  I've had the Arctic Char and the Pork Belly with Lobster Gnocchi (amazing), both have been very good.  My wife and I are excited to add DP back to our list of favorite restaurants in Burlington!

Review by - sbvt