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Peking Duck House - Winooski, VT Restaurant - Asian


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Peking Duck House
Extensive menu and a great buffet bar each Sunday. Both take-out and formal dining.

79 West Canal St. Winooski VT 05401
MON-THU 11:30-9:30 - FRI-SAT 11:30-11:30 - SUN 12-9:30

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Cost - 4 (out of 4)  -- Service - 1 (out of 4)
Ambiance - 2 (out of 4)  -- Expectations - 1 (out of 4)
Overall Rating: 2 (out of 4)

The Peking Duck House is your average everyday Chinese food in a nice environment. The building is beautiful but the food is just so expensive for what it is. Fu Da has much better food for 1/4 of the price but no sit down. Also, the service here was terrible. The drinks were very steep made questionably weak. I had a scorpion bowl for two to myself and I didn't even feel a buzz, and last time I checked a scorpion bowl isn't supposed to be mostly juice, no juice at all actually. I had an appetizer and my girl-friend had some kind of chicken dinner and we each had one drink. The bill came to $48 and when I went up to pay (slightly upset by the whole dining experience) and I pay with my card. I get the slip back and I write in a $3 tip and the guy at the register tells me that I can't tip $3 and that I have to tip at least $6. I could understand including the tip in the check but forcing me to tip after I pay is just plain rude. Ruined my night. Never eat here.

Review by - Wilbur

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