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Bridge Street Cafe & Grill - Richmond, VT Restaurant - American


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Bridge Street Cafe & Grill
Many, many favorites with daily specials.

48 Bridge St. Richmond VT 05477
Open Daily

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Cost - 4 (out of 4)  -- Service - 4 (out of 4)
Ambiance - 4 (out of 4)  -- Expectations - 4 (out of 4)
Overall Rating: 4 (out of 4)

Love this quaint little place
This place has always been my favorite for breakfast. They serve breakfast for a longer period of time, which I really love because I don't have to get up at 9am on a Saturday to treat myself to breakfast. Anyways, I love the atmosphere and the owners are so very nice, as well as their staff. They have a really great down home breakfast that won't leave you hungry. I have also been there for lunch and their prices are reasonable, as well as, the food being excellent. It's not far from Burlington, so go check it out.

Review by - triximky

Cost - 3 (out of 4)  -- Service - 3 (out of 4)
Ambiance - 2 (out of 4)  -- Expectations - 4 (out of 4)
Overall Rating: 4 (out of 4)

Simply great
Ate there 2 days in a row because the food was so great.
You don't go there for the decor - go there for the food. Blue cheese burger wrap is fantastic, as was the turkey wrap. Sounds boring, but you've got to taste it. Calzone was the best I've had. Think I'll have to eat my way through their menu.
Waitress was friendly, fast, and attentive. Prices were very reasonable. Look forward to going there lots.

Review by - vtnewbie

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