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Mr. Pickwick's - Stowe, VT Restaurant - American


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Mr. Pickwick's
Fine dining in the casual atmosphere of an English Country Inne.Game, Steaks, Seafood and Vegetarian dishes are prepared with the creative panache for your palate. Enormous wine cellar,150 ales, 100 single malt scotches.

433 Mountain Road Stowe VT 05672
Lunch / Dinner / Sunday Brunch

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Cost - 4 (out of 4)  -- Service - 4 (out of 4)
Ambiance - 3 (out of 4)  -- Expectations - 4 (out of 4)
Overall Rating: 3.75 (out of 4)

The old world charm of Mr. Pickwick's is part of why going to this restaurant is a must. The atmosphere is cozy; the staff are friendly and attentive; it is a win by all means.

The menu is pleasantly diverse. On the number of occasions that I have been there, the food has always been fabulous. Even though the menu changes (which is good) I would recommend the calamari (delicious presentation and mix of flavors: orange and slightly tangy) and the open lobster ravioli. I have added this spot to my "very special occasion" restaurant list because it is always such a treat. Enjoy!

Review by - Angela

Cost - 1 (out of 4)  -- Service - 1 (out of 4)
Ambiance - 3 (out of 4)  -- Expectations - 1 (out of 4)
Overall Rating: 3.75 (out of 4)

I took relatives from out of town here during the fall foliage season. They'd asked to go up over the notch, and it seemed fitting to hit Mr. Pickwick's since my aunt is British. I'll never return.

nPerhaps it was the hour - early afternoon on a Sunday. But the waiter took ten minutes to reach our table. Then he took about 20 bringing our beers. He kept "forgetting" to bring menus. We ended up having to find another staff member to get menus. Fish and chips were well over $12 for a lunch portion. After 40 minutes and no return visit from the waiter to see if we wanted anything else, we left. One member stayed behind to pay the bill and wound up waiting another 15 minutes to actually get and pay the bill. Ridiculous. Perhaps it was the hour, but I'm not convinced it's worth returning to find out.

Review by - vtmom